Octivisim versus Activism

I recently coined the term “Octivist”, initially as a simple perpetuation of the trend of adding the prefix “occu” to everything related to the Occupy movement.

The more the word octivism sat in my brain, the more it started to make sense in the grand scheme of the movement.

For years I, Charlie McAwesome, have identified as an activist. One who perpetrated and participated in individual actions to make a point. After these actions, like most, I’d go out for a beer and pizza with my friends and talk about how awesome the action was… For about 30 min. After these 30 min the grand idea, the message, dissipated into random conversations about life in general.

Activism to my mind is a serial string of individual actions in which the only continuity involved is a few people in the core group planning the next action, if any. In-between these actions business as usual continues and the 1% barely flinch.

Then came the Occupy movement.

Octivism creates actions in much the same way as activism. The difference lies in the after effects; Octvism doesn’t go out for drinks afterwords.

Octivists camp out.

Octivists take actions and continue them perpetually, creating spaces and situations and lifestyles which should be permanent, rather than an afternoon.

Octivism is about living the dream, not just dreaming.

Occupy Everything.

~Charlie McAwesome

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  1. occudan says:

    Just an FYI I just shared this out on the OccuDan FB Page.

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