Meet McAwesome


My name is Charlie McAwesome. I’m a Scorpio who enjoys occupying beaches and bottles of nicely aged whiskey.

In my spare time I may be found reading nerdy sciency books, writing, playing with fire, and repairing animatronics.

I have a reoccurring dream of fighting zombies that have the ability to hide themselves as discarded PETA flyers.

I self identify as a communialistic, rainbow family, granola hippie type. I politely ask that you deal with this or go elsewhere to have your big Billy the singing bass repaired.

I believe with all my heart that the Occupy movement has the ability to save America.


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2 Responses to Meet McAwesome

  1. Ruth says:

    I believe you’re right, Charlie.

  2. Kelli says:

    Love the fresh design. I liked the information. Thanks a lot for a impressive write.

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