Jan 10 – Agenda Brainstorming session: (Potential Topics)

Agenda topics for discussion and decisions:


1)      Charter:

  1. Definition, and what it means for us
  2. Who is in it
  3. What it does for us
  4. How we plan to use it
  5. Define who we are and how we want to implement our goals and tasks to better assist those we plan to work with.

2)      Funds:

  1. Who handles the Companies Financial Assets?
    1.                                                                i.       Person 1:_______________________
    2.                                                              ii.       Person 2:_______________________
    3.                                                             iii.       Person 3:_______________________

3)      Events:

  1. Who
  2. What
  3. Where
  4. When
  5. How

4)      Owned and Borrowed assets for events:

  1. Who has what, and how we use that?
  2. What do we need to be successful?
    1.                                                                i.      LS Equipment?
    2.                                                              ii.      Hotspots?

5)      Livestream Content and The AutoPilot.

  1. What do we as a group want up there
  2. Who is going to manage it?
  3. Who are the Moderators
  4. Who are the producers

6)      Brief Overview of how to have people submit requests to have the OccuTeam visit!

7)      Goals / Tasks:

  1. January
  2. Febuary

8)      MO. Trip:

  1. Can and will we cover it?
  2. Whos going?
  3. What are we offering?

9)      G8 Coverage due to Chicago laws on video…

  1. Discussion on this, as we are not allowed to video tape police unless its by specific means.

10)  New Members / Helpers

11)  Access to Website and Accounts

12)  Press Releases

  1. Whos writing them?
  2. Do we need to have appoval for them?
  3. How do we want to release them?

13)  Logo’s and Other graphics:

  1. Letterhead?

14)  Whats our primary drink?

  1. Coffee
  2. Tea
  3. Soda

15)  Products of OccuTeam LLC

  1. How to leverage product to fundraising
  2. How to create more fundraising opportunities

16)  Do we need equipment stewards?

17)  Next meeting time, location, and place.

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One Response to Jan 10 – Agenda Brainstorming session: (Potential Topics)

  1. occudan says:

    Note will be up soon on this topic. Please give us time to compile them and then a new post will be made.


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