O Team Press Release

Occupy Indianapolis
SuperBowl Weekend



1 P.M. Saturday
Same sex wedding ceremony

5 P.M. Saturday
March in solidarity for Occupy Oakland

7 P.M. GA
Occupy Indianapolis

** Saturday Night Prime Time LiveStream
Occupy the LiveStream!**

Watch livestream all evening at www.livestream.com/oteam
Catch all the Hoopla and Super Bowl Occupiers!!

General Rebel Rousing throughout the rest of the day

Super bowl Sunday  LiveStream
All Day Starts at Noon

*Virtual protest for those who can’t make it. *
All day post your photos to facebook occupy the Superbowl.

11 or noon

Occupy Purdue
Occupy Purdue organized a street theater which we will be supporting.

Rally and Protest
After the street theater there will be a rally and protest
March through Super Bowl Village as well as by Lucas Oil Stadium.


Occupy Wisconsin

No War On Iran  Milwaukee
Occupy Riverwest @ Peace Action

11:15 Saturday

Press Conference

12:00 Saturday

March to Capitol Street Bridge

Coverage @ 11:15

No War On Iran in Green Bay
Racine, Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, FonDuLac, Appleton
possible live stream stay tuned
Noon to 5 pm

No War On Iran  Madison
possible live stream stay tuned
3- 5 pm Saturday

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Milwaukee Interview LSB

“This is a story about the Liberty State Bank in Milwaukee which is being renovated by Occupy Milwaukee to be used as a hostel for ‘Occupy’ protesters from other cities, and for Homeless Youth. The Occupy Milwaukee group has found a way to work within the laws, for the community to model occupying through the laws, and allow us to grow as a movement.”  Short Video Here  Full version   Video Here  http://youtu.be/qUd5hpTb3Ds “

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Meet McAwesome


My name is Charlie McAwesome. I’m a Scorpio who enjoys occupying beaches and bottles of nicely aged whiskey.

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O Team Strikes Again

Wanting to do a “random act of kindness” The O team has decided to go to Occupy Milwaukee Wisconsin on Staurday January 14th. The O Team heard Milwaukee is having a Roccupy

Watch this event on Occupy Wisconsin Livestream on Saturday Night http://livestre.am/15PQF

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OccuDan, and His Bio.

OccuDan, AKA Dan Delaney, is a desk side technician in the IT Industry with skills in many other areas. He fixes things… Hes not a politition, hes not a mediator, hes not a facilitator. He just does what needs to be done, to get everything working when needed.

OccuDan helps with streaming, media tasks (Twitter, Facebook, Press) and many other things as needed, so that the occupation can continue. He is part of the Occupation movement because of the needs of his close or extended family. The programs and way we are doing things is wrong, and no one should die because someone cant do their job.  That was the breaking moment, when a family friend died, because he couldn’t get his cancer treatment, due to the state shutdown last summer. His issue wasn’t “Life Threatening” is what they told him…

Anyway, there are a ton of other reasons OccuDan does what he does. If you have questions, feel free to email him, or visit him at any of the Occupation sites he appears at.


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TShirt Toby, and his Bio.

TshitToby is a filmmaker, storyteller, and a listener. He Has been
doing various media for OccupyMN, ThePeopleOccupy.org, and now the

Toby believes that Occupy is about getting everyone’s voice
heard, the inclusion and respecting of all is how a better world is


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Jan 10 – Agenda Brainstorming session: (Potential Topics)

Agenda topics for discussion and decisions:


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Octivisim versus Activism

I recently coined the term “Octivist”, initially as a simple perpetuation of the trend of adding the prefix “occu” to everything related to the Occupy movement.

The more the word octivism sat in my brain, the more it started to make sense in the grand scheme of the movement.

For years I, Charlie McAwesome, have identified as an activist. One who perpetrated and participated in individual actions to make a point. After these actions, like most, I’d go out for a beer and pizza with my friends and talk about how awesome the action was… For about 30 min. After these 30 min the grand idea, the message, dissipated into random conversations about life in general.

Activism to my mind is a serial string of individual actions in which the only continuity involved is a few people in the core group planning the next action, if any. In-between these actions business as usual continues and the 1% barely flinch.

Then came the Occupy movement.

Octivism creates actions in much the same way as activism. The difference lies in the after effects; Octvism doesn’t go out for drinks afterwords.

Octivists camp out.

Octivists take actions and continue them perpetually, creating spaces and situations and lifestyles which should be permanent, rather than an afternoon.

Octivism is about living the dream, not just dreaming.

Occupy Everything.

~Charlie McAwesome

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Potential Agenda Item for Tuesdays meeting


The OccuTeam has been requested to attend the Occupy The Midwest to help with Livestream and other fun activities. We will be discussing this during our meeting on Tuesday, with everything else that we are setting up.

If you have an event, or an Action you want us at, feel free to email us!




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OccuTeam LLC. News Update 1.7.11

January 6th 2012

15:30 Office of the Secretary of State, St Paul MN.

Tactical Action:

The members of OccuTeam LLC. met at the Office of the Secretary of State, in Saint Paul and filed articles of incorporation. This action will be followed with a Charter Declaration and Brainstorming meeting on Tueday, Jan 10th.


Tactical Action:

Some members of OccuTeam LLC. reinforced the protester group at the anti-NDAA action taking place at Obamas campain HQ in Minnesota.

January 7th.

Announced meeting time and place online and at GA in Minneapolis.

I will be posting new updates as time goes along.



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